The Bakery Spaceship: Sweet Stuff That is Out of This World!

Hello everyone! I am Keith Purdie, the creator of Bakery Spaceship Productions. Welcome to the Bakery Spaceship's first blog post. We are a video production company based in Connecticut and we are excited to finally be up on the internet. This post is only an introduction, but fear not! There will be tons of great content coming your way.

Whether you are an aspiring videographer/cinematographer looking for some tips or you are just curious what the Bakery Spaceship is up to, this is the place to be (following us on social media would also be a great idea).

What have we done?

In the past we have made rap music videos, short films and highlight videos. I personally have worked with various local rap artists, Western Connecticut State University and been a cinematographer and editor on a few short films.

Where are we going?

It is hard to say where the Bakery Spaceship is going, but it will definitely be taking a step into the world professional of videography. It is important that we always are 'sharpening our blade' and pushing ourselves to create better content as we learn more.

Aside from videos, there may be an opportunity for Bakery Spaceship Apparel!

What ever happens thank you for at least visiting. Feel free to contact us you if you would like to work together. The possibilities are endless!

Floating somewhere in outer space,


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